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Solar Energy


If you've ever had to heat an Alaskan home in January, or cool a Floridian home in July, you know how expensive energy can be. Now, multiply your home's utility bills by hundreds, thousands, or even millions of square feet and you've got a rough idea of what it costs to cool, heat, and power an airport, office building, shopping mall, or hotel...

What can Supreme Solutions Inc. do to help?

Homeowners, businesses, and government organizations are realizing the countless benefits of clean solar electricity. But many developers dive headfirst into projects without properly assessing how to extract optimal value from each investment. Worse still, their clients are often caught off guard by:

  • Hidden costs, ranging from permitting delays to faulty labor to oversized (or undersized) PV systems.
  • Unclaimed benefits stemming from missed incentives, poorly selected components, and subpar financing arrangements.
  • The above challenges affect PV projects of all sizes.

So whether you're a utility-scale project developer or an installer who specializes in the residential market, it pays to bring in trusted advisors who can help you avoid many of the most common mistakes. Doing so is critical to navigating the landscape and maximizing solar returns.





We can't speak for all solar consultants – each team uses its own methodologies. But we can outline the process we use and how our approach continues to deliver measurable benefits for our clients around the globe.




All we need from you are your utility bills. We then use sophisticated algorithms to obtain insight about energy consumption patterns. The analyzed results are available at a secure internet site, segmented by individual buildings through the whole portfolio. Users can monitor energy use by year, quarter, month, and season.


Solar Installer


We understand that energy savings can only be realized by implementing the strategic options. With years of program design and implementation experience, we have built a unique capability in delivering energy projects.